Wednesday, June 26, 2013

And So It Begins

Alright, it's finally time to start my crazy new adventure and take on life.  I am ready to become more eco-friendly and thrifty and let out the stress from everyday life as I do it. I can't wait to transform my house into a home and share the details with you as I learn through trial and error what works best.  My Pinterest addiction should definitely come in handy and if you have any suggestions, please share!  After I've finished getting this whole webpage thing figured out I will be sharing my little adventures frequently.

For now I will leave you with a great blog post by Barbara over at 21 Rosemary Lane that explains through great detail and pictures (I am a visual learner) on how to create a blog header!  Find the link here:

I can already tell that PicMonkey is going to be a favorite editing site of mine and they even have a Facebook Banner option. Enjoy!

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